You are scheduled to have a procedure called a Cystoscopy.

This involves using an instrument the size of a catheter being placed into your urethra. This has a camera inside to allow the physician to view the inside of your bladder. This will also show up on a television screen that you will be able to view if you would like.

You will be asked to empty your bladder fully prior to the procedure. The nurse will prepare you for the procedure by cleansing your urethral area with a surgical soap swab. She will then instill a numbing jelly into your urethra to help numb the area to lessen any discomfort for the procedure. This needs to soak into the tissue for approximately 15mins. Patients describe discomforts such as pressure, feeling as if needing to void and possibly burning.

The procedure itself can last approximately 10 to 15 minutes. During the actual procedure, your bladder will be slowly filled with sterile water. This allows the physician to visualize the walls of the bladder fully. The physician may take pictures as well if he/she desires. You may feel that you need to empty your bladder and you will be permitted after the physician is finished.

After you are finished, you will be permitted to empty your bladder. You may notice some burning on urination and some blood in the urine. There may experience slight discomfort from where the cystoscopy was placed. This should resolve in 24 to 48 hours. The physician will instruct you on your follow up needs at check out.

Please call the office with any questions: (803) 302-3371