Dr. Andrea Pezzella has recently completed her training under Dr. Red M. Alinsod at the Alinson Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery, Laguna Beach, California. Dr. Pezzella is committed to new and innovative technology, refining her skills and improving her knowledge for the patients of Southern Urogynecology.  Provide all emcompassing female pelvic and intimate health, she now can offer restorative vaginal rejuvenation surgery as well as the O-Shot® for increasing sensitivity and increasing support in the vagina tissues.

With her training, Dr. Pezzella has completed the Advanced Master’s Surgical Preceptorship in Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery and Non-invasive Radiofrequency Therapies. This training involved extensive didactic and surgical training in a wide variety of aesthetic vulvovaginal procedures, such as labia minoraplasty, majoraplasty, clitoral hood reduction, hymenoplasty, vaginoplasty, to mention just a few of the many vulvovaginal treatments she successfully completed training for. She also successfully completed training for radiofrequency therapies, a ground-breaking and effective non-invasive surgical innovation developed by Dr. Alinsod.

Dr. Red Alinson is one of the most experienced aesthetic vulvovaginal physicians in the United States and worldwide, with over three decades of medical experience. In addition to a successful private gynecological practice in Laguna Beach, he has invented and patented a number of vaginal surgery devices that are being used by surgeons all over the world. His institute, the AIAVS, has been highly-sought after by physicians from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and other medical schools looking to be trained one-to-one by one of the best aesthetic vulvovaginal physicians in the country. It is a privilege by Dr. Andrea Pezzella to have completed a prestigious preceptorship with a master of the field.