What is Regain U?  Regain U is YOUR customized treatment to allow you to have vaginal rejuvenation, and restore your sexual health.

There are many reasons why women have issues with intimacy and their sexual health.  After child bearing there are a variety of changes in the female genitalia that can affect their sexual stimulation and comfort.  The vagina can become too loose or too tight if there was a tear or episiotomy.  The skin can become larger and the walls can widen.  The muscles become weaker and there can be a variety of bladder and bowel issues than can develop from pelvic floor weakening.
After menopause, women can describe vaginal changes such as narrowing, thinning, tighening, dryness and burning.

Vaginal rejuvenation with energy-based therapies has become a very innovative and non-invasive treatment option for these conditions.  Definitive vaginal reconstructive surgery with cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation is a definitive option requiring a minor surgical procedure.

Other innovative procedures can be offered for your sexual health and intimacy.

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