Angie Freeman

Dr. Pezzella is very compassionate and immediately diagnosed my problem. After some tests, I was able to schedule surgery one week later, and I have had no problems since! She listens and answers questions and has followed up with me after surgery. I highly recommend her and her staff.

Delena Pate

Dr. Pezzella did a mid urethra sling and the procedure was a blessing, changed my everyday life….. Dr Pezzella is excellent and all staff is great and very friendly. I highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Pezzella, she has a very caring bedside manner and makes you comfortable.


Dear Dr. Pezzella, Thank you so much for impacting my life in such a better way. Never truly understanding how bad I was and having you to handle a personal issue has brought me back to life. This I truly thank you. Thank you for getting me back to ME.


I am so thankful that Dr. Pezzella and Stacey ventured into bio identical hormone replacement therapy. I have been using bio identical hormones for 7 years and I have never felt better. I have energy like never before, my hair stopped breaking off and falling out, no more night sweats or hot flashes and my husband appreciates the boost in my libido. Thank you Dr. Pezzella and Stacey for helping me get my hormones in check and the ability to live my life without the woes of getting older.


Dr. Pezzella’s office was very clean and looked brand new. The staff was polite and professional. Dr. Pezzalla listened to me, answered my questions patiently. Her exam was gentle. she identified my issues and explained options. I was only there an hour which I thought was reasonable for an initial visit. I will definitely continue with her care.


I am a retired nurse. I was very pleased with her exam. Very detailed, but gentle. Explain all the details of what would be needed to correct the two procedures that I were done by another physician. I was referred by another patient who had excellent results from her surgery with Dr. Pezella.

Judy H

Dr. Pezzella is very caring, compassionate and thorough in her practice. She constantly is continuing her education and is always sharing new information and techniques with her patients. My Mona Lisa Touch treatment was so successful and has had made such a difference in the quality of my life! As a registered nurse, I weighed my options and researched thoroughly before choosing Dr. Pezzella. In my book, she is A+++++!

Pam C.

Dr. Pezzella and her staff are fantastic! I have been a patient there for over a year now and everytime I have an appointment I am greeted by a warm friendly staff. I never feel rushed while I am there and most importantly, my questions are always answered throughly. I am excited about the successful outcomes I have gotten through the care and medical treatments I have had as a patient there. Thank you so much Southern Urogynecolgy, you ladies are the best!


Dr. Pezzella is a capable and thorough physician and surgeon. She gave me answers and solutions to incontinence problems that I have had for almost a decade, and gave me hope that I could fix something I never thought possible! Her office is beautiful and feels like a spa, and I had no problems making an appointment or getting any questions answered that I needed. I am recommending her and her office to all of my friends.