The Importance of Vitamin C Serums

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What are Vitamin C Serums?

A vitamin C serum is serum that contains powerful and important antioxidants including ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is known to help boost the immune system, prevent skin conditions, and improve your skin quality.

How does a Vitamin C serum help my skin?

Vitamin C boosts collagen production, which keeps your skin young and supple. It can help reduce the signs of aging by repairing skin damage caused by sunlight and free radicals, which are natural factors of aging. Just because something is a a natural cause doesn’t mean you can’t help to reverse or prevent it. The result? Firm skin and fewer fine lines.

I already eat oranges. Why do I need a Vitamin C serum?

While Vitamin C is popularly consumed orally in the form of fresh fruit and vegetables, getting the most out of its skincare properties is best done by topically applying Vitamin C directly on to your skin. Serums are highly concentrated and powerful, so you don’t need to lather your entire face in it – a small drop or two is enough to provide the desired effects for your skin.

What’s the best Vitamin C serum?

It depends on your needs and your skin tolerance as concentrations of Vitamin C can vary. Too strong and it may irritate and cause redness, but too weak and you won’t be getting the full effects you want. At Southern Urogynecology Aesthetics and Wellness, we carry SkinCeuticals’ CE Ferulic and Phlorentine CF serums with varying levels of Vitamin C concentration, as well as many other skincare products you can use from the comfort of your own home in conjunction with a skincare regimen.

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