Things to Do for Healthy Skin this Summer

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It’s summer, which means there’s a lot of great activities to do outdoors. However, this also means you can also be at risk for skin conditions due to the weather. Here are just some tips for healthy and protected skin this season!

  1. Sunscreen: Remember to slap on some sunscreen before going out. Look out for products that protect against UVB as well as UVA rays.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep: Poor sleep habits can affect your skin, making you look pale, tired, and lack the ‘glow’ that beauty sleep can provide.
  3. Exfoliate: Keep your skin fresh and pores small by exfoliating. This removes oil, dirt, and dead cells that can make your pores look enlarged, and nobody wants that.
  4. Stay hydrated: Don’t just keep your skin hydrated with moisturiser, drink plenty of water in order to reduce inflammation and blemishes.
  5. Eat your fruits and greens: Vegetables such as broccoli have antioxidant properties to help ward off the effects of ageing on your skin. Fruits rich in Vitamin C can help protect your skin from cell damage.

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