What Is a Vaginoplasty and Should I Get One?

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Depending on your situation, including the stage in your life or any conditions you may have, you might benefit from a vaginoplasty. Read on to find out more!

First, the basics. What is a vaginoplasty? Depending on the reasons for it, it’s a medical or cosmetic procedure that surgically tightens the vagina. This is performed by making the vaginal entrance smaller and tightening parts of your vagina muscles and the surrounding tissue. This has the benefit of increasing sensitivity and reducing discomfort that may result from having a loosened vagina, which can come about due to aging, childbirth, and other conditions.

What you should know

  • A vaginoplasty can lead to a change in sensation during intercourse
  • There is a recovery time of one to two weeks, and it is recommended to resume sexual activity only after six weeks
  • In some instances, vaginoplasties can take place using non-invasive tools and equipment, allowing for a faster, more efficient recovery

To learn more and find out if a vaginoplasty is the right sexual wellness option for you, contact us today at Southern Urogynecology.