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Dr. Andrea Pezzella and her medical team pride themselves on offering an innovative and up-to-date approach to the challenges facing women today. From anti-aging to overall wellness - Everyone wants to Look Good and Feel Great. Dr. Pezzella wants to help you Be Your Best Self. Its time to live the life you are meant to live, and Regain Your Confidence!
"Mission Statement of Southern Urogynecology: Empowering women to regain and restore their confidence by promoting their health and well-being through an all-encompassing approach with innovation, quality care and compassion."

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Hear What Our Patients Are Saying!

Minnie Bailey

Dr Pezzella was amazing. She helped to diagnose and treat me for issues i have been having for almost a year. Several other doctors hadn't been able to help me. She is kind and caring, and i think the world of her.

Elizabeth James

Dr Pezzella did a wonderful job surgically correcting my prolapsed bladder. So much easier than i anticipated. Very little discomfort for a few days only. I would have this repair again if ever needed with no qualms. I very much trust Dr Pezzella!